Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New York Wardrobe

I'm going to New York y'all!

I know to most of you this is no big deal but not only have I never been to New York City, up until age 15ish I had a sincere plan to move there after high school graduation and work on Broadway plays. My life went in a little different direction but I've never stopped dreaming of visiting the city.

So the deal is, one of my darling best friends/former college roommates is living in New York this spring while interning at Christies. Yeah, that Christies... She's kind of an art genius. Anyway, the plan is that me and one of my other best friends/former college roommates will fly up for a long weekend in early April, so I'm of course already planning my wardrobe and lining up my sewing projects. I'm not sure what the weather will be like, but since I'm used to Texas temperatures, even if it's "warm" by New York standards I'm sure I'll still be freezing...

This is my main inspiration picture for the weekend's outfits (with a little more color). I have a great leopard trench similar to the one in the picture and since we'll be doing mostly touristy things and walking a bunch I think I'll go with a pair of dark jeans or black cigarette pants (more on that in a minute), a sweater or pretty top and ballet flats for day wear.

I'm in love with these pants! I'm planning to recreate them using Colette's Clover pattern with the pocket and zipper fly modifications from Sallie Oh.

Here are a few more day wear inspirations...

Source: via Forrest on Pinterest

Then I'll of course need some fun dress for night...

I'm still pretty scattered on what exactly I want to pack/make/buy, but I need to decide soon considering how slowly I've been sewing lately!

Ok, New Yorkers, I need your advice. What will the weather be like in April? Will I look like an idiot wearing any of the above items of clothing? Where should I eat? Which touristy places are worth it and which are lame?

And most importantly...

What are your favorite fabric stores?



  1. I love the wardrobe inspiration. And NO, you will not look silly.. It's NY. Have fun x

  2. How exciting! I have never been to New York either - so no advice on the weather, but it should be a great adventure in any case. Love your inspiration photos - can't wait to see what you make (and what fabric you bring back).

  3. Such lovely inspirations! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I have never been to NY either, despite the fact living on the east coast a nonstop flight there can be had for under $300. Have fun!

  4. For the Harvey Nichols dress, you TOTALLY need to check out McCall's 6508 pattern (unless you already have one) - it's really similar!

    Have a blast! I love NY! Go to Century21 (the one by the twin towers) and checkout their designer deals - worth a trip to NY just for that store!

  5. just 4 weeks left until i start my very first usa trip. ah, i'm so excited!!!
    First, i'll stop in a ski resort nearby Denver for a buisness trip (as i really don't like cold weather, that will be interesting..).
    But then.... I'll spend some night in NYC. Perfekt to find my dress for a wedding as a maid of honor, don't you think?

    Greetings from icy-cold germany

  6. I live in NY, but I'm just starting to learn so I've only visited a few of the fabric stores. This article might help you decide which stores you want to visit. Have fun :)

  7. Woohoo, NYC! How exciting!

    In April, it will be in the 50s or low 60s - since I've been here, we've always had nice weather in April! You will look just fab in all your clothing choices :)

    We don't go out to eat alot, but I do love Coppolla's at 79th and Amsterdam, and Cafe Lalo at 83rd and Amsterdam for dessert!

    My favorite tourist things are: Top of the Rock, walking across Brooklyn Bridge, taking Staten Island Ferry, the Intrepid Museum, and Central Park.

    As far as fabric stores - there are just blocks and blocks of them! It's crazy. I sometimes go to Paron, which is on 40th between 7th and 8th (the garment district is right below Times Square!)

  8. Thanks for the tips ladies! I'm so excited to try the places you suggested!

  9. Hey, I'm late to this party, but I thought I'd chime in (I'm a NYer)! I love Paron, too-- they have great deals on designer remnants and mill ends and will almost always discount my purchase beyond the marked price. Of course, Mood is amazing, but there are tons of smaller stores too, all close together. I also love Steinlauf & Stoller-- they have all kinds of notions for serious dressmaking (horsehair braid, tie interfacing, steel boning, etc.).

    Some of my favorite places to bring visitors are the Ellis Island museum, the Highline Park, and, if you like art, on Thursdays and Fridays you can wander in and out of galleries in Chelsea. They usually have wine and cheese and you can come and go as you like! Oh, and the best cookies in the world are at Levain Bakery on the UWS-- 74th St. at Amsterdam.

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